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Gut Health and Food Intolerance Testing at Your Fingertips

Improve Your Health from the Inside Out with Our at-home Test Kits and Expert Nutritionist Advice. 

Are you tired of dealing with digestive discomfort, mysterious food intolerances, or struggling with skincare issues?

Understand the intricacies of your body and unlock a healthier and happier you. 

Food Intolerance

Food Intolerance

Gut Health

Gut Health



Gut Health - Nurturing your Body's Core

Our gut health test is an at-home stool sample test designed to provide comprehensive insights into your digestive health. By analysing key markers, we can identify potential imbalances and help you optimise your gut for overall well-being.

Food Intolerance - Find Your Triggers

Do certain foods regularly leave you feeling uncomfortable or unwell? Our food intolerance test is a simple and convenient at-home finger prick test. By measuring your body's IgG antibody reaction to 209 foods, including common allergens and intolerances, we can uncover potential triggers and help you customise your dietary choices.

Bioavailable Supplements - Your Health from the Inside Out

Our bioavailable supplements are expertly formulated to support your specific health goals with maximum effectiveness. Our range of high-quality supplements are designed to address common deficiencies and promote overall wellness based on your unique test results and health objectives. 

At Home Testing
At Home
Test Kits
Nutritionist Advice
Free Nutritionist
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Free Shipping
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Speedy Results
Easy &
Fast Results 

Expert Guidance and Support

Understanding test results and implementing the necessary changes can be overwhelming. That's why our team of highly trained experts is here for you. 

Acne Journey
"I have struggled with skin flare ups for over a decade, I never expected taking a Food Intolerance test would have the impact on my skin it has. My Skin is finally clear and my diet is much cleaner."
Jenni, Food Intolerance Test 

Real Stories - Real results

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